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Brother Anna (Greek Αδελφός Άννα) was a Greek film released in 1963. It premiered on October 7, 1963.


About five years after the end of World War II, a team of art experts arrive at a monastery in Greece to study Byzantine documents in their possession. In reality, they are after a precious golden cross from the time of emperor Constantine the Great.

A mysterious figure in monk's garb follows their every move. It turns out to be a Jewish woman, named Anna, who had been hidden during the war by an ascetic monk named Father Vasilios.

One of the thieves, a Greek named Andreas, meets the woman and falls in love with her. He repents of his plan and, together with Anna and Father Vasilios, they stop the rest of the gang from carrying out the theft.



Brother Anna won two awards at the Film Festival of Thessaloniki:


  • Betrayal was inspired from a book by John Norman who lived for a while at Mount Athos
  • Petros Fyssoun also won Best actor in 1964 for his role as a German officer in "Betrayal". By coincidence, he falls in love with a Jewish woman in that film also.