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Chalkidona FC was a Greek football club that is now defunct.

Chalkidona was founded in 1930 in the section of Piraeus with the same name. Prior to World War II, they merged with the football club of Near East - whose basketball club continued to function independently - and became know as AC Chalkidona Near East.

Chalkidona won promotion into the Greek Alpha Ethniki in 2003. In 2004, they finished their maiden top-flight season in 7th place, managing to defeat powerhouse AEK twice, in the process. The following season they finished in 8th place, however, in the following summer they were effectively absorbed by Atromitos Athens and ceased to exist. Atromitos took the place of Chalkidona in the Alpha Ethniki.

While in the Alpha Ethniki, Chalkidona shared the Municipal Stadium of Neapolis with Ionikos. Their colours were yellow and black.

Players (2003 - 2005)