Christoforos Rangos

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Christoforos Rangos was a forward for Olympiakos from 1925 until World War II.

He was born in Piraeus ca. 1910 and signed up for Olympiakos when he was 15 years of age. He failed to break into the first team for several years because of the presence of the Andrianopoulos brothers. he finally became a regular in 1932. Rangos was a team mate of Yiannis Vazos and Theologos Symeonidis with the three of them forming Olympiakos' famous "triplets" of the 1930s. His career ended with his callup into the Greek army in 1940. Rangos was injured in the left leg during combat in the Second World War. His injury ended his football career.

After the war, Rangos coached A.O. Zografos, a minor Athenian club. He died on January 8, 1950, of a heart attack, on the football pitch at the 28th minute of a game, when he decided to take the place one of his players who did not show up for the game.

During his career, Rangos was capped three times by the National Football Team of Greece, scoring 1 goal.