Christos Yfantidis

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Christos Yfantidis was a Greek football forward of the 1970s - 1980s era.

Yfantidis was born in 1953. He played in the Alpha Ethniki for:

Over all, Yfantidis played in 232 top level games.

Afterwards he played for Naousa FC where he ended his career. After his playing days were over, Yfantidis became assistant coach at Naousa and later their head coach for several years. He has since coached other clubs as well including Skydra, Apollon Krya Vrysi and Niki Polygyros.

Did you know?

In his very first international appearance, on June 11, 1978, Yfantidis scored two goals against Australia in a 2-1 Greek win. He is one of only six Greek players to have scored more than one goal in their international debut.

Over all, he was capped seven times with three goals.