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Diagoras Rhodes FC is a football club, currently in B Division of the Greek league, that is based in the city of Rhodes.

Colours: Red and blue.
Stadium: National Stadium of Rhodes

Diagoras was first established by 18 persons on March 25, 1905 while Rhodes and the rest of the Dodecanese island complex was under Ottoman rule. The club's main founder was a man by the name of Dimitrios Anastasiadis whose aim was not only to bring sports to Rhodes but also keep alive the Greek ethnic identity of its people.

By the time Rhodes passed from Ottoman to Italian rule, Diagoras had already established clubs for athletics, football and cycling. They were also the centre of match nationalist activity and for this, Diagoras was shut down by the Italian administration in 1929.

After liberation, on May 23, 1945, the decision was made to re-establish the club.

Diagoras have played in the A Division the following seasons:

  • 1987: 13th place
  • 1988: 12th place
  • 1989: 15th place - Relegated after a series of playoffs with 5 other teams.