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Ethnikos Dimokratikos Ellinikos Syndesmos (Greek Εθνικός Δημοκρατικός Ελληνικός Σύνδεσμος, "Greek National Democratic Union", abbreviated EDES) was a World War II Greek resistance movement. Its core leadership were anti-communist, Venizelist, republicans, in contrast to the larger communist-affiliated Ethnikos Laikos Apeleftherotikos Stratos (ELAS).

The group was founded on September 9, 1941, by Colonel Napoleon Zervas. Their activities were largely confined to Epirus in NW Greece although they did participate - along with ELAS - in the blowing up of Gorgopotamos bridge, in Central Greece, the largest and most effective single act of sabotage during the German occupation of Greece.

When Italy capitulated in 1943, the Germans sought to destroy EDES but after four days of fighting, its partisans, led by Zervas, managed to escape. EDES were also attacked that year by ELAS partisans who had acquired Italian army weapons. EDES repelled this attack and launched a counter-attack in 1944. The fighting between the two groups eventually was halted, largely through the efforts of the Allies, for the sake of the much larger objective of resisting the occupiers.

After the Germans left Greece, ELAS attacked a weakened EDES with three divisions on December 21, 1944. Within days they completely eliminated their presence on the Greek mainland eliminating them as a factor in the developments that led to the Greek Civil War.