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Harry Klynn was the stage name of Greek comedian Vasilis Triantafyllidis.

Klynn was born on May 7, 1940 in Kalamaria - a suburb of Thessaloniki - the son of Pontian refugee Nikos Triantafyllidis.

In the early 1960s, he got his first break in show business with parts in two Greek films "Marriage Greek style («Γάμος αλά Ελληνικά») and "201 canaries" («Τα 201 Καναρίνια»). In 1964, he migrated to the United States where he worked as a stand up comedian.

Klynn returned to Greece in 1974. He recorded several comedy albums, appeared on Greek TV and soon became very popular.

After 2006, he lived in his birthplace Kalamaria making appearances in the theatre, authoring books, painting and even getting involved in local football and politics.

Klynn died on May 21, 2018.