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Ismael Blanco (born January 19 1983 in Santa Elena, Argentina) is an Argentine football striker who recently played for AEK in Greece. His nickname is 'Zorro'.

Blanco started his career with Colón de Santa Fe in 2002. He then played for Club Libertad in Paraguay in 2005 before returning to Argentina to play for Olimpo de Bahía Blanca. In 2007 he rejoined Colón.

On 10 August, 2007 Blanco joined AEK. His desire to display his football talent in Europe and the opportunity to play on the same squad as Brazilian legend Rivaldo where stated as his main reasons for making the move to Greece.

At AEK, Blanco had a successful stint that lasted until the summer of 2011. During that period he was twice crowned top scorer of the Greek Superleague (2008 and 2009).

He left AEK after the 2011 football season signing for San Luis in Mexico.

His career in Greece

Year Club Games Goals
2007-08 AEK 34 20
2008-09 AEK 36 17
2009-10 AEK 34 9
2010-11 AEK 20 9



  • Primera B Nacional: Apertura: 2006
  • Primera B Nacional: Clausura: 2007



When Blanco scores a goal he slips on a Zorro mask he keeps hidden in his stocking or does a dance resembling the Batusi dance.

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