Jeno Csaknady

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Csaknady (left) with Andreas Stamatiadis

Jeno Csaknady was a German-based Hungarian football coach.

Csaknady was born on September 20, 1924. He coached German clubs Fuerth (1957 - 1959), Saarbruecken (1959 - 1961) and Stuttgart (1962) before joining AEK Athens for the 1963 season. He helped AEK win their first post-war title but left immediately afterwards for Germany to take on FC Nurnberg.

After the 1967 season, he returned to AEK by popular demand. Csaknady helped AEK to their second post-war title in 1968 but again left, this time for Thessaloniki to coach PAOK.

As a coach, he was known for the strict discipline he kept among his players.

Csaknady died early in 2001.