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Josef Ludwig, Graf von Armansperg (1787-1853) served as the Interior and Finance Minister (1826-1828) and Foreign and Finance Minister (1828-1831) under King Ludwig I of Bavaria in the government of Bavaria. He was a liberal monarchist and an economic conservative who promoted the unification of Germany with his attempts at a tariff union.

When King Ludwig's son Otto was offered the Greek throne in 1832, King Ludwig made von Armansperg the President of the Privy Council and the 1st representative (or Prime Minister) of the new government. The other members of the Regency Council were Karl von Abel and Georg Ludwig von Maurer with whom von Armansperg clashed often. After the King reached his majority in 1835, von Armansperg was made Arch-Secretary but was called Arch-Chancellor by the Greek press. Von Armansperg became an almost independent political actor in Greek politics as time went on; finding hinmself increasingly at odds with the king he was sent to support and advise. The situation came to a head when Otto was in Bavaria for his wedding to Queen Amalia and the king discovered that his physician had been sending dispatches (presumably at the behest of von Armansperg) to the king's father describing young Otto as deranged.

In 1837, von Armansperg was dismissed from his post and he returned to the von Armansperg residence of Schloss Egg bei Deggendorf in Niederbayern. He died in in 1853.

Preceded by:
Ioannis Kolettis
Prime Minister of Greece
1 June 1835 - 14 February 1837
Succeeded by:
Ignaz von Rundhart

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