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Ioannis Kolettis (1774-1847) was an Greek politician who played significant role in Greek affairs from the Greek War of Independence till his death.

Early life

Kolettis was born at Syrrako, Epirus and studied medicine in Pisa, Italy where he was influenced by the ideals of the French Revolution.

In 1813, he settled at Ioannina were he practiced medicine, eventually being recruited as personal doctor of Ali Pasa's son, Muhtar Pasa.

Greek War of Independence

Kolettis remained at Ioannina till March of 1821, when he left for Syrrako to spread the Greek revolution in Epirus. His efforts failed and Kolettis left to join the revolutionary forces first at Mesolonghi and later in Peloponnesus. He took part in all the national assemblies held during the Greek Revolution.

Political career after 1821

When Ioannis Kapodistrias landed at Nafplio in January 1828 as Governor, Kolettis served in various ministerial posts. After Kapodistrias' assassination, he served, along with Theodoros Kolokotronis and Augustinos Kapodistrias, in the triumvirate that governed Greece until King Otto's arrival.

Political career under Otto of Greece's rule

Until, King Otto reached adulthood, Kolettis was minister of navy and defence. In 1835 he was sent to France as ambassabor where he made the acquaintance of many French politicians and intellectuals. He returned to Greece after the events of September 3, 1843, which brought about the first constitution. In the ensuing first elections in 1844, his French Party (Γαλλικό Κόμμα) together with Andreas Metaxas', English Party formed a government. He served as the first elected prime minister of Greece until his death in 1847.

Kolettis was a proponent of the Megali Idea which sought to bring all Greek lands into the Greek state.

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