July 22

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  • 1870: The government of Thrasivoulos Zaimis resigns on account of the botched Massacre at Dilesi affair.
  • 1878: The first British High Commissioner of Cyprus, Sir Garnet Wolseley, arrives at Larnaca. The Bishop of Kitium, Kyprianos, reads an address of welcome which reportedly said: "we accept the change of Government in as much as we trust that Great Britain will help Cyprus, as it did the Ionian Islands, to be united with mother Greece, with which it is naturally connected."
  • 1920: Italy renounces the Titoni-Venizelos accord and refuses to place the Dodecanese - other than Rhodes - under Greek control.
  • 1943: A mass demonstration of 200,000 people takes place in Nazi-occupied Athens to protest the decision to award Bulgaria all northern Greek lands up to the Axios River. One hundered protesters are killed, leading Adolf Hitler to cancel his earlier decision.
  • 1951: King Paul urges Greek political parties to form a wide coalition.
  • 1959: The trial of Manolis Glezos and other leftists before a Greek military court ends with sentences of imprisonment, exile and denial of civil privileges.
  • 1970: An Olympic Airways aircraft is hijacked on its way to Athens. To free the passengers, the Greek government is forced to release seven Arabs convicted of prior terrorist actions.
  • 1974: The Security Council of the UN calls for a ceasefire in Cyprus.
  • 1974: The Turkish army overruns Kerynia.
  • 1991: Fossils of rhinoceri, antilopes and giraffes are found in Chalkidiki.