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Michalis "Lakis" Sofianos (Greek: Λάκης Σοφιανός) was a Greek journeyman footballer (Arion Gouva (1948 - 1953), Panathinaikos (1953 - 1958), Panaigialios (1960), Panarkadikos, Olympiakos (1961), Aris (1962) and several others) whose best days were spent wearing the "trifilli".

Sofianos played centre forward. Many teams sought his services and his goal-scoring ability and many teams sought to off-load his difficult character. His substance abuse was well-known throughout his career and had earned him many run-ins with the law. He had been involved in a case of robbery (stealing his teammates' wallets from the dressing room) and had spent time in jail. At Olympiakos, he was boycotted by several of his team mates and was forced to leave.

Sofianos lost his arm in the early 1960s when he jumped off a train trying to escape the police.

He hanged himself, on August 2, 1989, in prison where he was being held on narcotics charges.

Scoring record

Top Ten finishes

  • 1955: 2nd place with 7 goals.
  • 1957: 3rd place with 10 goals.
  • 1960: 6th place with 11 goals.