Lambros Tzavelas

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Lambros Tzavelas was a Souliote leader and head of the Tzavellas clan (Greek φάρα).

He was born in 1745 in Souli. In 1792, Ali Pasha summoned him in order to help out his war effort in Argyrokastro. Tzavellas went to Ali Pasha with 70 of his men, including his son Fotos, but was held captive.

Ali Pasha had reasoned that without Lambros Tzavelas at their helm, the Souliotes would surrender, however, in the ensuing siege, the Souliotes defended their homeland successfully. Finally, Ali Pasha released Lambros so that he would procure the surrender of Souli. Fotos was kept as hostage until this would be accomplished.

Lambros Tzavelas, however, after arriving back at Souli sent Ali Pasha a message: "I am delighted to have fooled someone like you! I am here to lead the Souliotes. As for my son, if he is not willing to die for his country, he is no son of mine!"

Ali Pasha attacked Souli, on July 20, 1792, with a large army but was beaten back and was forced to accept a peace treaty. The 70 hostages were all returned but Lambros Tzavelas died of injuries sustained in the battle.