Lycurgus Logothetis

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Lycurgus Logothetis was a Greek political and military leader of Samos during the War of Independence (1821 - 1829).

Logothetis was born Georgios Paplomatas in Karlovasi, Samos, in 1772. Prior to the war, he served with Alexandros Soutsos in Moldowallachia. He was initiated into the Friendly Society in 1820 and was recognised as the leader of the revolution in Samos.

On March 10, 1822, despite the opposition of the revolutionary leadership, he landed in Chios with 250 men and proclaimed independence from the Ottoman yoke. The result was disastrous for Chios and Logothetis was incarcerated by the leaders of the revolt until December of that year. Later, Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias would recognise him as leader of Samos, however, when Samos was left outside the borders of the Greek state, Logothetis settled in Athens. He died there in 1850.