March 13

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  • 1922: Kemal Ataturk turns down an offer of a ceasefire during the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) insisting that the Greek Army first vacate Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace.
  • 1941: Italian attacks against the Greek positions in Albania end in defeat. The Italians sustain more than 100,000 casualties.
  • 1959: EOKA general Georgios Grivas-Digenis declares the cessation of all hostilities against the British.
  • 1964: Turkey issues an ultimatum to the Cypriot government threatening to invade the island in 36 hours unless all Turkish Cypriot prisoners of the civil conflict are released and freedom of movement is restored.
  • 1991: The Revolutionary Organization 17 November detonate a remote-controlled bomb that kills US Sgt. Ronald Stewart in Glyfada.
  • 1995: An earthquake, measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale, strikes the Kozani - Grevena area.
  • 1996: Constantine Mitsotakis asks Parliament to free the Junta members that are still imprisoned.
  • 2011: Cyprus President, Dimitris Christofias, pays an official visit to Israel, marking the first such visit by a Cypriot president to Israel in eleven years.