Mary Aroni

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Mary Aroni was a Greek stage and screen actress.

Aroni was born in 1916 in Athens. She studied at the Drama School of the National Theatre, making her debut in 1935 with Marika Kotopouli's theatre group. In the years to come, she would play alongside Kostas Mousouris, Dimitris Horn, Vaso Manolidou and others in the National Theatre, the Greek Popular Theatre of Manos Katrakis and with her own group.

In the cinema, Aroni had two great hits with a "Μία τρελλή, τρελλή οικογένεια" ("Mad, mad, family") which co-starred Jenny Karezi, and "Μικροί και μεγάλοι εν δράσει" ("The small and the great in action").

Aroni died on July 16, 1992.