Nikolaos Deligiannis

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Nikolaos Deligiannis (Greek Νικόλαος Δηλιγιάννης or Δελιγιάννης) was a diplomat and, briefly, Prime Minister of Greece.

Deligiannis was born in Athens in 1845. He was a scion of the Deligiannis family that hailed from Langadia, Arcadia in the Peloponnese. He studied Law and joined the diplomatic corps, serving in Constantinople, Belgrade, Paris and Madrid. He returned to Greece only to leave for Paris once more after being named Ambassador to France.

On January 24 (Jan. 12 OS), 1895, he formed a caretaker government which conducted election that year. The elections were won by Theodoros Deligiannis - who was a cousin of Nikolaos - and, on June 12 (May 31 OS), 1895, Nikolaos Deligiannis resigned.

He died in Paris in 1910.