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Arcadia or Arkadía (Greek Αρκαδία) is a region of Greece in Peloponnesus. It takes its name from the mythological character Arcas.

Modern Arcadia

Arcadia's has its present-day capital at Tripolis. It forms the largest prefecture on the Peloponnesian peninsula. It currently covers about 18% of the entire peninsula, although it once extended to about 20 to 25% of the peninsula.

The prefecture has a skiing resort on Mount Maenalus, the Mainalon, located about 20 km NW of Tripoli. The other mountains include the Parnon in the southeast, the Saita, the Skiathio, the Lykaia and Tsiberou.

The Greece Interstate 7 (E65) freeway, which was extended after 1997 and in 2003, runs through Arcadia on a north-west to south-east axis and nearly forms in the southwest the end of the freeway. A nuclear and coal power station which produces electricity for most of southern Greece, operates to the south of Megalopolis, along with a coal mine.

Arcadia has two tunnels. The Artemisio Tunnel opened first, followed by the tunnel east of Megalopolis; both serve traffic flowing between Messinia prefecture and Athens.

The chief cities and communities in the prefecture include Tripolis, Astros, Vytina, Dimitsana, Langadia, Leonidio, Leontari, Levidi, Megalopolis and Stemnitsa.

In agriculture, potato farms, mixed farming, olive groves, and pasture dominate the plains of Arcadia, especially in the area around Megalopolis and between Tripolis and Levidi.



Its climate has hot summers and mild winters in the eastern part, the southern part, the low lying areas and the central part ald area lower than 1,000 m. The area mainly receives rain during summer and winter months for most of the time in the rest of Arcadia. Winter [snow?] occurs commonly in the mountainous areas for much of the west and the northern part, the Taygetus area, the Mainalon.


In the 20th century, Arcadia experienced extensive population loss through emigration, mostly to the Americas. Many Arcadian villages lost almost half their inhabitants, and fears arose that they would turn into ghost towns. Arcadia now has a smaller population than Corinthia. Demographers expected that its population would halve between 1951 and the early 21st century.

In the mid to late 20th century a power plant began operating.


  • 1951: 154,361 (density: 34.93/km²)
  • 1961: 134,950
  • 1971: 111,263 (density: 23.5/km²)
  • 1991: 103,840
  • 2001: 102,025





Arcadia has 4 provinces:


Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code
Dimitsana 0506 Dimitsana 220 07
Falanthos 0523 Davia 221 00
Falaisia 0522 Leontari 220 21
Gortynia 0505 Karytaina 220 22
Irea 0507 Paloumpa 220 28
Klitoros 0508 Amygdala 220 14
Kontovazena 0509 Kontovazena 220 15
Korynthos 0510 Korynthos 221 00
Lagadia 0512 Langadia 220 03
Leonidio 0514 Leonidio 223 00
Levidi 0513 Levidi 220 02
Mantineia 0515 Nestani 220 05
Megalopolis 0516 Megalopolis 222 00
Skyritida 0517 Vlachokerasea 220 16
Tegea 0518 Stadio 220 12
Trikolones 0519 Stemnitsa 220 24
Tripolis 0520 Tripolis 221 00
Tyros (formerly Apollonas) 0501 Tyros 220 29
Tropaia 0521 Tropaia 220 08
Valtesi 0502 Kato Asea 220 27
North Kynouria 0503 Astros 220 01
Vytina 0504 Vytina 220 10

This exludes the independent commune of Kosmas (municipal code: 0511, postal code: 230 58) where the seat is Geraki.

For more communities, see Communities of Arcadia

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