Konstantinos Georgakopoulos

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Konstantinos Georgakopoulos was a 20th Century Greek military man and politician.

Georgakopoulos was born in Tripolis, Arcadia, on December 26, 1890. He studied law at the University of Athens and served in the Balkan Wars of 1912 - 1913 as an officer.

Georgakopoulos resigned from the army in 1923 as a colonel to practice law. In 1928 he entered politics under the banner of the conservative Popular Party. He served as deputy minister in the government of Konstantinos Demertzis and minister of education under Ioannis Metaxas.

Georgakopoulos served as interim Prime Minister between March 3 and May 17 of 1958, conducting the elections of May 11 which were won by the conservative National Radical Union with the leftist United Democratic Left polling an astounding 24% of the vote.

Georgakopoulos served as President of the Hellenic Red Cross from 1948 until his death, in Athens, in 1973.

Preceded by:
Constantine Karamanlis
Prime Minister of Greece
March 3, 1958 - May 17, 1958
Succeeded by:
Constantine Karamanlis