Konstantinos Demertzis

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Konstantinos Demertzis was the Greek Prime Minister between November 1935 and April 1936, head of a caretaker government.

Demertzis was born in 1876. He was chosen on November 30, 1935, to head a caretaker government at a time when neither of the two major parties - Komma Fileleftheron and Laiko Komma - formed a majority in the Hellenic Parliament. Demertzis died in office, of a heart attack, on the morning of April 13, 1936. King George II appointed Gen. Ioannis Metaxas to succeed him.

Preceded by:
Georgios Kondylis
Prime Minister of Greece
November 30, 1935 - April 13, 1936
Succeeded by:
Ioannis Metaxas