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Gold 1906 Stone Throw
Silver 1904 Discus Throw
Silver 1906 Greek style Discus Throw
Bronze 1904 Discus Throw

Nikolaos Georgantas (Greek Νικόλαος Γεωργαντάς, February 27, 1878 (OS)/March 12, 1878 (NS) – January 23, 1958) was a Greek athlete who competed mainly in the discus throw.

Georgantas was born in Steno, Arcadia prefecture. He was a teacher by profession. He competed for a Greece in the 1904 Summer Olympics, held in St. Louis, Missouri, in the discus throw where he won the Bronze medal.

Two years later in Athens in his home country of Greece he won the gold medal in the stone throw competition in the 1906 Summer Olympics. He added two silvers to this to complete his collection. He was second in the Greek style discus throw behind Finland’s Verner Järvinen who he pushed into third when finishing second in the discus again behind America's Martin Sheridan who won for the second Olympics running.

Georgantas was the World record-holder for the stone throw which he broke three times. However, as the event was never recognised by the IOC, his records were not recognised either.

In the Olympics of 1908, Georgantas was the flagbearer for Greece.

In 1921, he emigrated to the United States.

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