Nikolaos Zorbas

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Nikolaos Zorbas was a Greek military figure of the latter part of the 19th Century - early 20th Century.

Zorbas was born in Athens in 1844 to a family that hailed from Magnesia, Asia Minor (present-day Manisa). He went to Military School in Athens, France and Belgium and saw action in the Greco-Turkish War (1897).

On August 28 (August 15 OS), 1909, following a string of Greek failures in the matter of Crete, Col. Zorbas led the Military Association in a movement that went down in history as the "Goudi Revolt". The officers involved demanded radical reforms in the Greek military including the removal of royalty from command posts. They were successful and soon a new government was formed under Stefanos Dragoumis that carried out the reforms.

Zorbas served as Minister of the Military under Dragoumis. He retired from the military as a Major General in 1911 and published his Memoirs.

Zorbas died in 1920.