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Nikos Spyropoulos (Greek: Νίκος Σπυρόπουλος, often transliterated Spiropoulos, born October 10, 1983 in Athens), is a Greek professional football player, currently playing for Panathinaikos FC in the Greek Super League.

Spyropoulos began his career with PAS Giannina in 2001 and, after 3 seasons, caught the eye of Panionios. He was then transferred to Panathinaikos, along with his teammates, Alexandros Tziolis and Vangelis Mantzios, but tested positive for an elevated T/E ratio and was initially suspended for two years. This was later attributed to natural causes, but his transfer was cancelled nevertheless. He returned to action one year later. He played for 3,5 years for Panionios with great success. He is regarded a major rising talent and is one of the best Greek left-side defenders. Spyropoulos is left-footed and is distinguished by a combination of speed, strength, agility and endurance.

On November 17, 2007, he made his National Team debut in the 5-0 Euro 2008 qualifyer defeat of Malta coming on for Vasilis Torosidis in the 46th minute.

On January 2008, he moved to Panathinaikos for 2 million euros.

After some impressive displays during the second half of 07-08 season, Spyropoulos has started the 08-09 season as the main left back for Panathinaikos FC. Henk ten Cate, the current manager, has praised his ability by asking a "Spyropoulos for the right side" too, during the pre-season. Spyropoulos main assets are his speed, stamina and the ability to go forward whenever possible. Due to a clause he is not able to play against his previous team Panionios for two years after his transfer to Panathinaikos FC.


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