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Panionios FC - team crest

1890s. The initial 100 members of the music club "Orpheus" decide to expand their activities into Greek culture, with sports activities for boys and adolescents in the general area of Smyrna. As the Greek element is very intense and active in the borders of Asia Minor, the subscriptions of new members are impressive. Thus, Panionios of Smyrna was born, based in the largest port of Smyrna and during the first year numbered more than 1000 members- "Panionios Gymnastic Club of Smyrna" - the club's full name - is one of the oldest Greek clubs in operation today.

The club operated in Smyrna until the 1922 population exchange between Turkey and Greece when they migrated to the southern Athens suburb of Nea Smyrni.

The majority of Nea Smyrni is responsible for the management of PAE Panionios as of the 1992-1993 season, and has had a major contribution to the rejuvenation of the team. The majority of Nea Smyrni decided to manage Panionios based on historical and social reasons, knowing well its long history, while it has an unbreakable historical link with the largest athletic ambassador of the city.

Colours: Red and blue.
Stadium: Nea Smyrni Stadium
Titles: Championships - none.
Greek Cup: 1979 and 1998

Star Players

Some of the best players to have worn the Panionios jersey:

30s - 40s

  • Kakoulidis
  • K. Bistouras

50s - 60s

70s - 80s

90s - 2000s

2010s - present