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Sporades refers to islands in general. The term Northern Sporades refers to a group of four inhabited islands in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Thessaly. According to a myth, the islands were formed when two titans, Otus and Ephialtes, threw rather enormous rocks at each other which landed in the Aegean.

The four inhabited islands are:

There are also smaller, uninhabited islands in the group such as Aspro, Arko, Maragos, Tsougria, Tsougriaki, Dasia, Peristera, Lechousa, Aderfoi, Adelfopoulo, Kyra-Panagia (Pelagos), Yioura, Psathoura, Praso, Piperi, Agios Georgios, Sarakino and Skantzoura.

Administratively, the Northern Sporades, except for Skyros, belong to Magnesia prefecture. Skyros is part of Euboea prefecture.