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Preveza or Πρέβεζα, in Greek, is one of the fifty-one prefectures of Greece. It is within the Epirus periphery. Its capital is the city Preveza. It is one of the prefectures that have no provinces. The city and the district has been planning a bridge which will connect traffic between Preveza and Thesprotia and Lefkada and western Aetolia in Aitoloakarnania prefecture because the ferry route is short. Preveza lies near the western part of the Ambracian Gulf.

The prefecture contains valleys, hills to its north and Nicopolis. The mountains of Xerovouno (Greek for the dry mountain) is in the extreme northeast.



  • Nicopolis
  • Preveza
Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code
Anogio 4301 Gorgomylos 482 00
Fanari 4308 Kanalaki 480 62
Filippiada 4309 Filippiada 482 00
Louros 4305 Louros 480 61
Parga 4306 Parga 480 60
Preveza 4307 Preveza 481 00
Thesprotiko 4303 Thesprotiko 483 00
Zallogo 4302 Kanali 481 00


Commune YPES code Seat Postal code
Kranea 4304 Kranea 483 00


In the mid to late 1990s, the construction of the bypass of GR-5/E55 began and was opened several years later along with a stretch of GR-21.

A day after the (East) Attica fire on July 29, 2005, the Monolithi fire began at around the late-day hours consuming a campground site as fires consumed forests near a campground sparking huge flames. People began to use pails and hoses to put out that outrageous fire to avoid seeing the campsite in complete destruction of flames. Properties in Monolithi were also consumed as part of the population lost their homes and some buildings. The fire lasted for a couple of hours.