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Revolutionary Struggle (Greek: Επαναστατικός Αγώνας, Epanastatikos Agonas) is a far-left Greek paramilitary group known for its attacks on Greek government buildings and the American embassy in Athens. It is widely described as a terrorist group by both the Greek government[1] and the media.[2][3]

Attacks of 2003-2007

The group first emerged in 2003 with a bombing attack on an Athens courthouse complex, following that up with attacks in 2004 on the Greek labour ministry and police buses. On 22 December 2005, the group published a manifesto in the Greek satirical magazine, To Pontiki, in which it expressed revolutionary, anti-globalisation and anti-American ideological aims. In January 2007, an anonymous caller claiming to be from the group claimed responsibility for a missile attack on the U.S. embassy in Athens. Following the January 12 2007 missile attack, Greek authorities described the group as a spinoff of Revolutionary Organization 17 November.[4]

2007 statement

In a statement published in To Pontiki on January 25, Revolutionary Struggle admitted that it had carried out the embassy attack, claiming that the "strike was our answer to the criminal war against 'terrorism' that the US has unleashed over the entire planet with the help of fellow-traveling states".[5]

Terrorist designation

The European Union added RS to its list of designated terrorist organizations on June 29, 2007.[6]

2009 implication

In January 2009, Greek police said their ballistics tests showed the weapon used in RS's 30 April 2007 attack was used again in a 5 January 2009 shooting of a police officer. A second weapon used in the 5 January attack was tied by the police to a 23 December 2008 attack on a police bus. That attack was reported to have been claimed by a group calling itself Popular Action (Λαϊκή Δράση, Laiki Drasi), as a response to the 2008 civil unrest in Greece.[7]

On January 14, 2009, Revolutionary Struggle sent a pamphlet to weekly newspaper "Pontiki" accepting responsibility for the two attacks as well as a failed bomb attack against Shell Oil's headquarters in Athens.

On September 2, the group claimed responsibility for detonating a bomb which damaged the Athens Stock Exchange building and injured a woman passer-by.

Revolutionary Struggle attacks

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