September 11

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  • 1866: Cretan revolutionaries are defeated by the Turkish army at Malaxa, Chania.
  • 1916: The Greek 4th Army Corps in eastern Macedonia surrenders to the Germans. It will remain in captivity in Saxony until the end of World War I.
  • 1938: The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is put to use again - after 2000 years. The first play put on is "Electra" by Sophocles.
  • 1942: The Greek forces in Egypt come under German airforce bombardment. Four soldiers are killed and ten are wounded.
  • 1943: German troops kill 10 Greeks as they destroy the village of Aetos, Messenia.
  • 2001: The attack against the Twin Towers takes place. The nearby Greek Orthodox church of Saint Nicolas is also damaged.
  • 2004: A helicopter crashes into the Aegean Sea killing 16 persons. Among them were the Patriarch of Alexandria and three other bishops.
  • 2023: Six Turkish citizens are ambushed and gunned down in Loutsa, Attica.