Sky TV poll on the greatest Greek

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Starting in the Spring of 2008, Sky TV conducted a poll among its viewers as well as those with access to the internet site.

The question asked was "who was the greatest Greek of all time?". The first part of the survey ended with the naming of the top 100. Afterwards, voting started to name the top ten and finally, from among them, the greatest Greek was elected.

The results of that final poll, as announced on May 18, 2009, were:

  1. Alexander the Great 127,011 votes
  2. Dr George Papanicolaou 103,661
  3. Theodoros Kolokotronis 84,107
  4. Constantine Karamanlis 63,934
  5. Socrates 63,423
  6. Aristotle 59,500
  7. Eleftherios Venizelos 55,730
  8. Ioannis Kapodistrias 51,493
  9. Plato 45,569
  10. Pericles 36,030