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Sotirios G. Krokidas (Greek Σωτήριος Γ. Κροκίδας) (18521924) was an interim Prime Minister of Greece in 1922. He was a law professor in Athens.[1]

When the Greek army was defeated in the Greco-Turkish War and the government of Petros Protopapadakis fell, Greece was plunged into a political crisis. In September, 1922, Nikolaos Triantaphillakos was Prime Minister as the military revolted in Thessaloniki and then in Mytilene. A revolutionary committee led by Stylianos Gonatas demanded the abdication of King Constantine I and, on September 26, 1922, the king abandoned his throne and the government of Triantaphillakos resigned. The revolutionary committee selected Alexandros Zaimis as Prime Minister, but as he was out of the country, Krokidas was appointed as interim Prime Minister. Until Krokidas could reach Athens to be sworn in, the Minister of the Army, Anastasios Charalambis was sworn in as Prime Minister on September 29, and served for one day. On September 30, 1922, Krokidas became Prime Minister.

He was responsible for constituting the controversial Trial of the Six which sentenced four former Prime Ministers and the General in command of Greek troops in the Greco-Turkish War to death for Greece's defeat in the war.[2] The politicians and General were executed on November 15, 1922. Krokidas resigned on November 27, 1922, as a result of in-fighting among ministers concerning fallout from the Trial of the Six, and he was replaced by the leader of the Revolutionary committee, Stylianos Gonatas. Krokidas died in 1924.


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Preceded by:
Anastasios Charalambis
Prime Minister of Greece
September 30, 1922 - November 27, 1922
Succeeded by:
Stylianos Gonatas

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