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Sperantza Vrana (Greek: Σπεράντζα Βρανά, born February 6, 1926 or 1932 in Messolongi) was an actress and writer. She was born Elpida Chomatianou (Ελπίδα Χωματιανού). She wrote several books with the most famous autobiogrqaphy Tolmo (Τολμώ).

At age 15 she started participating in movie and theatrical productions. Her cinema debut was in the 1950 Finos Film movie production Come to Uncle (Έλα Στο Θείο) alongside Nikos Stavridis.

A few notable movie roles are «Η Ωραία των Αθηνών», «Γλέντι», «Λεφτά κι Αγάπη», «Η Κάλπικη Λίρα»

Her last appearance on the silver screen was in 1999 and the movie Safe Sex

She died of a heart attack on September 29, 2009.



Year Film Transliteraion and translation Role
1950 Ela sto theio Έλα στο θείο Nana
1953 To soferaki Το σωφεράκι -
1954 The Beauty of Athens Η ωραία των Αθηνών
I orea ton Athinon
1955 Glenti, lefta ki agapi Γλέντι, λεφτά κι αγάπη Yiouyiou
1955 I Kalpiki lira Η κάλπικη λίρα Maria
1958 Melpo Μέλπω -
1958 Adekaroi erotevomeni Αδέκαροι ερωτευμένοι -
1961 O skliros andras Ο σκληρός άντρας Loula
1963 O anipsios mou o Manolis Ο ανιψιός μου ο Μανώλης -
1965 I Eva den amartisse Η Εύα δεν αμάρτησε Persefoni
1965 Den boroun na mas horisoun Δεν μπορούν να μας χωρίσουν
You Cannot Try to Make Us Separated
1965 Apokliroi tis koinonias Απόκληροι της κοινωνίας -
1979 O palavos kosmos tou Thanasi Ο παλαβός κόσμος του Θανάση -
1984 O glykopseftis
video only
Ο γλυκοψεύτης -
1985 Rambo from Trikala
video only
Ο Ράμπο από τα Τρίκαλα Angela
1999 San to spiti mas
TV series
Σαν το σπίτι σας a presenter
1999 Safe Sex Roberta

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