Tasso Kavvadia

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Tasso Kavvadia

Tasso Kavvadia (Τασσώ Καββαδία) (January 10, 1921-December 19, 2010) was an actress. She was born in Patras.

She studied music and the piano in Athens, and decoration and painting in Paris, France.

From 1954 through 1967 she worked on radio as a producer and performer. She also studied set design and costume alongside Yannis Tsarouchis and acting at the Drama School of the Art Theatre with Karolos Koun.

From 1955 to 1969 she worked in newspapers and magazines as an editor for art content. She also did literary and other forms of translations.

She made her name in film by playing the parts of harsh and unforgiving older women that gave the romantic leads a hard time - she was the bad mother-in-law, the unfeeling mother or disapproving sister that tried to prevent things from following their natural course.

She participated in some 30 films between 1955 and 2001, her last roles being that of the grandmother in the 2000 film "Beware the Greeks" and the 2002 film "Alexander and Aishe".

Apart from films, Tasso Kavvadia had also worked in theatre and television, where her repertoire was considerably more diverse, while she also did work in radio and as a journalist, a writer and a translator, especially of pop culture british novels.

Tasso Kavvadia will always be remebered as the legendary female villain of the hey-days of Greek cinema. As she used to say "I was strict, not mean, but I was right for the times. I was not wrong in not liking Jenny Karezi who had an affair with Kourkoulos - who was engaged to my daughter, or Manos Katrakis whom Zoe Laskari was cheating on and wasting his money."

She was survived by her three children (Evgenia Salapata-Winminhem , Vassilis Salapatas, Giorgos Salapatas from he first marriage.


  • 1969 Wake Up Vasili (Mrs. Farlakou)
  • 1969 Kynigimeni prosfygopoula
  • 1969 I diki enos athoou
  • 1969 Filise me, prin fygeis gia panta
  • 1969 I kravgi mias athoas
  • 1968 I epistrofi tis Mideias
  • 1968 Kapetan fandis bastouni (Vasiliki)
  • 1968 Olga my love
  • 1968 Poly arga gia dakrya
  • 1968 As me krinoun oi gynaikes
  • 1967 Dakrya orgis (Manos' Mother)
  • 1966 I Stefania (Reformatory Director)
  • 1966 Aharisti
  • 1966 Mazi sou, gia panta
  • 1966 Koinonia, ora miden (Mother)
  • 1966 Hameni eftyhia
  • 1965 O metanastis
  • 1965 Istoria mias zois
  • 1965 I de gyni na fovitai ton andra (Aglaia Papamitrou)
  • 1965 Dyskoloi dromoi
  • 1965 Angels Without Wings
  • 1964 A Great Love (Athina)
  • 1962 Phaedra
  • 1962 O tritos dromos
  • 1960 Our Last Spring
  • 1960 The Big Trick
  • 1960 The Underdog (Thodora Vengeli)
  • 1958 Vacations in Aegina
  • 1955 Stella (Alekos' Sister)
  • 1955 Condemned Even by Her Own Son
  • 1954 Windfall in Athens (Liza)