Thanasis Giannousis

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Thanasis Giannousis
Accepting an award from Thessaloniki Mayor, Vassilis Papageorgopoulos

Thanasis Giannousis (Greek: Θανάσης Γιαννούσης) born in 1917. He studied Law at Thessaloniki's Aristotle University. In 1975, he was elected city councilor and in 1978 he was reelected. After the death of mayor Michalis Papadopoulos in 1981, he served as mayor for a period of about 10 months.

The Thessaloniki Book Fair exhibition was established as an institution when he was mayor in May 1982.

Thanasis Giannousis remains to date the only member of the Communist Party of Greece that has served as mayor of Thessaloniki.

He died October 31, 2005

Preceded by:
Michalis Papadopoulos
Mayor of Thessaloniki
Succeeded by:
Theoharis Manavis