Tsamis Karatasos

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Dimitrios "Tsamis" Karatasos was a Greek freedom fighter, the son of Anastasios Karatasos who had proclaimed the Greek Revolution in the Naoussa area.

Karatasos was born in Dihalevri, Imathia, in 1796. He fought during the War of Independence, alongside his father, first in the Naoussa area and, after the destruction of Naoussa, in Rumeli. In 1828, he was a leading figure in the final phase of the war to rid Rumeli of all Turkish military presence.

After Greek independence, Tsamis Karatasos continued the struggle to liberate his native Macedonia taking part in an 1854 liberation movement in Chalkidiki.

He died in Belgrade, where he was planning another uprising in Macedonia, in 1861.