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Tymbaki is a town in Pyrgiotissa province, Heraklio prefecture on the Greek island of Crete. It is situated 65 km. south of the city of Heraklio.

Tymbaki was first inhabited by people from the village of Agios Andreas which was located at the foot of a cone-shaped hill - "tymbos" - from whence Tymbaki received its name. During the Venetian rule of Crete, Tymbaki was a small community near the malaria-infested Gero River. In 1941, after the Battle of Crete, all houses were razed by the Germans who made Tymbaki a military base and lookout point. The inhabitants were dispersed in surrounding villages.

The town was rebuilt after the war, pretty much from people's memories ("my house was here, yours was down there") which accounts for its disorganised road structure. The people of Tymbaki are mostly year-round farmers, thanks to greenhouses, among the wealthiest peasants of Crete.

The population of the municipality is 10,001 while the town itself boasts of 5,312 inhabitants.