Yiannis Frantzis

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Yiannis "Yiannakos" Frantzis was a Greek football player, a prolific goalscorer in the 1960s.

Frantzis first played in the Greek Alpha Ethniki for Olympiakos, in their first two games of the 1962 Football Championship. The following Summer he was sent to Proodeftiki as part of the deal that sent Stelios Besis to Olympiakos. Frantzis had his best years for Proodeftiki, scoring a remarkable 40 goals for them (in a 30-game Beta Ethniki season) in 1964. His feat contributed greatly in sending Proodeftiki back to the top league.

Frantzis continued playing for Proodeftiki until the end of the 1968 season. He played for Panathinaikos during the 1969 and 1970 seasons and ended his career with 70 top league goals.