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Aratus (271 BC - 213 BC) was a tyrant of the ancient Greek city-state of Sicyon in the 3rd century BC. He deposed Nicocles in 251 BC. Aratus was a supporter of Greek unity and promoted the ideas of the Achæan League. He was elected strategos numerous times and led the Achæans against the Aetolians and the Spartans. After the Aetolians defeated and nearly destroyed the cities of the Achæan League, he requested Antigonus Doson of Macedonia to help fight against the Aetolians and Spartans. After Antigonus died in 222 BC, Aratus did not get along with Philip V of Macedon, who wanted to make the Achæan League subject to Macedonia. Polybius and Plutarch record that Philip had Aratus poisoned. (Polybius 8.14; Plutarch Aratus 52)

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