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The Ballos (Greek: Μπάλλος) is one of the best known island dances in Greece. The melody of a ballos is generally joyous and lyrical which is typical of the music of the Aegean. The word "Ballos" is believed to come from the ancient Greek verb ballizo which means to dance or jump about.

This is a dance for couples with all the elements of courtship; attraction, flirtation, display of masculine prowess and feminine virtue, pursuit,and rejection followed by eventual capture and surrender.

There are various forms of the ballos around the islands. The simplest is where a single couple goes through a series of spontaneous figures. In another version many couples dance simultaneously as if alone on the dance floor. Yet another verion is int roduced by a Sirto. And finally, in the most complicated form a number of couples go through various figures, somewhat reminiscent of the European Minuet.

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