Charilaos Vasilakos

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Silver 1896 marathon

Charilaos Michail Vasilakos (Greek Χαρίλαος Βασιλάκος), was a Greek athlete who competed in the marathon.

Vasilakos was born in Piraeus in 1876 to a father who hailed from Lygerea, Mani. His grandfather, Vasilis, had fought in the Greek War of Independence. Vasilakos competed for a Greece in the 1896 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, in the marathon where he won second place with a time of 3hrs 6min 3sec.

Vasilakos was a customs official by profession. In 1927, he built a theatre in Piraeus on some land he inherited from his father. The theatre operated 3-4 years and then closed. In 1959, he converted the old theatre into a cinema.

Vasilakos died in 1963.