Charilaos Vasilakos

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Silver 1896 marathon

Charilaos Michail Vasilakos (Greek Χαρίλαος Βασιλάκος), was a Greek athlete who competed in the marathon.

Vasilakos was born in Piraeus in 1876 to a father who hailed from Lygerea, Mani. His grandfather, Vasilis, had fought in the Greek War of Independence. Vasilakos competed for Greece in the 1896 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, in the marathon where he won second place with a time of 3hrs 6min 3sec.

Vasilakos was a customs official by profession. In 1927, he built a theatre in Piraeus on some land he inherited from his father. The theatre operated 3-4 years and then closed. In 1959, he converted the old theatre into a cinema.

Vasilakos died in 1963.