Cyril II of Constantinople

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Cyril II Kontares was Patriarch of Constantinople an Orthodox clergyman who rose to the title of Patriarch of Constantinople three times.

Cyril II was originally from Aleppo, Syria. He studied theology at Jesuit schools in Galata, Constantinople. Eventually, with the support of Cyril Lucaris he became Metropolitan of Beroea (Aleppo). With the support of the Jesuits he managed to depose his former mentor, now Patriarch Cyril I and take over the throne himself three times: (1633, 1635 - 1636 and 1638 - 1639).

Cyril II was held in general contempt by the Orthodox laity as having conspired with the Jesuits against Cyril Lucaris. His misadministration of the Patriarchate and ungodly conduct forced the Holy Synod to remove him twice. Finally, after his third reign, he was exiled, by the Sultan, to Carthage where he was executed on June 24, 1640.