Dimos Maglaras

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Dimos Panteleimonos Maglaras is a Greek former long jump athlete who currently is involved in news casting and politics.

Maglaras was born in Lamia, Central Greece on June 2, 1940. In 1957, he came to Athens to study and became involved in track and field athletics. He belonged to Olympiakos and specialised in the long jump. On September 20, 1959, at the age of 19, he broke the Greek record that had been held since 1938 by Gregoris Lambrakis.

Maglaras competed in athletics until 1973, winning several gold medals in the Balkan Games.

After 1973, Maglaras became involved in radio broadcasting and politics. He has stood for MP in his native Phthiotis under the banner of far-right LA.O.S..

Maglaras is married with four children.