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Ekkara, also Ekara (Greek: Εκκάρα), is a village near the town of Nea Monastiri Domokou in the Greek prefecture of Phthiotis or Fthiotida. It is situated by the Malian Gulf. Agios Serafeim is situated with a road linking Molos and Agios Konstantinos and the GR-1/E75 (Athens - Lamia - Thessaloniki). The 2001 population was 818. Ekkara is very close to the Karditsa prefecture where its boundaries run to the north and further west. Ekkara is linked with the road linking Nea Monastiri Domokou and Leontari. Ekkara is located 43 km north of Lamia, SE of Karditsa, SSE of Palamas and S of Larisa. Farmlands dominate the north while the mountainous areas features bushes and grasslands with some forests in the valley areas.

It is located between the villages of Velessiotes and Gavrakia. The older name used to be Kato Agoriani. Ekkara has about 1,000 active employees and are located between the mountain and the Thessalian plain. The majority of the population work in agriculture.


Historical population

Year Population Change
1981 1,007 -
1991 756 -251/-24.93%
2001 818 62/8.2%


Ekkara has a school, a lyceum or a middle school, a churches, and a square (plateia).

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