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Equestrian sports were introduced in Greece shortly before World War II, at the initiative of a group of high-ranking army officers and lay riding enthusiasts which led to the establishment of the Hellenic Riding Club on an estate in Holargos, Attica. After the war, the Hellenic Riding Club moved to new premises in the Paradissos area of Amaroussion suburb (Attica) and became the focus of interest of many Athenians who had the prerequisites to practise equestrian sports. Thus, it became the first important centre for the development of competitive riding in Greece.

Since then, equestrian sports have been developing steadily in the country and are considered one of the rising sports, popular with the public and, in particular, young people. New clubs are founded every year, new members enroll and new riders appear in the competitive circuit. It is indicative that nowadays there are over 50 riding clubs (and riding schools), of which 46 are recognised by the Hellenic Equestrian Federation. There are 2,450 equestrian athletes and approximately 1,000 competition horses.

Apart from competitive equestrian sports, one can participate in riding programmes for beginners as well as for more experienced riders in specially created areas and estates (riding centres) in various parts of Greece.