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Ermoupolis is a city on the Greek Aegean island of Syros and the capital of the Cyclades prefecture.

Ermoupolis stands out for its magnificent neo-classical architecture, its churches - not only Orthodox but also Catholic - and its mansions. Two sections of the city stand out: Vaporia, which is home to many ship officers and Ano Syros which has kept its Mediaeval character, with its narrow streets, city walls and galleries.

The population of the city of Ermoupolis is 11,799 while the municipal area, which also includes the community of Manna, has 13,400 inhabitants, according to the 2001 census. The figure increases during the Summer months by tourists and those that work in the tourist industry.

Ermoupolis is just a 30-minute car ride from the beach of Galissa.

Transportation to the mainland is by boat (2.5 - 4 hours from Piraeus, depending on the type of boat) or airplane (roughly 30 minutes from Athens).