Ftelia (Mykonos)

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Ftelia (Greek Φτελιά) is a world-wide famous beach in the famous resort of Mykonos. Its northern location, 5.5km NE of the capital town of Mykonos (Chora), has established the beach as a windsurfer's paradise, as it almost always quite windy. The beach is also well-known for the famous neolithic settlement found there that is believed to be the tomb of ancient Iliad hero Ajax the Locrian.

Ftelia is an isolated paradise during the Mykonos summer madness and as it is not very crowded due to the fact that it is quite windy. There is no public transportation to Ftelia which can only be reached by private car or motorcycle or by boat.

There are limited villas and apartments for rent during the tourist season and a tavern operates nearby.