Generation of 1930

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The Generation of 1930:Standing from left: Thanasis Petsalis, Elias Venezis, Odysseus Elytis, George Seferis, Andreas Karantonis, Stelios Xefloudas, Giorgos Theotokas. Sitting: Angelos Terzakis, K. T. Dimaras, Giorgos Katsibalis, Kosmas Politis, Andreas Empirikos

The term of Generation of 1930, refers to all those new writers and poets who matured between 1930 and 1940. It concerns a group of intellectuals that were eager to break with the past or at least to differentiate themselves from it. The Generation of 1930 had a dialogue with other directions and artistic trends of the time and made its entrance to the scene of Greek cultural activity as an avantgarde movement, cultivating the speculation around the concept of Greek identity.

Around the same time, new artistic creations, such as the shadow theatre and rebetika songs, began addressing mainly popular and marginal groups.