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Georgie Vlastos, (Russian: Georgie Konstantinovich Vlastov, Greek: Γεωργιος Κωνσταντινου Βλαστος). (Born 1827 in Moscow, Died 1899 in Stavropol). Governor-General of the Stavropol Province (1865-1875). Georgie was a descendent of an old Greek family that settled down in Russia. After his military service, he settled in Stavropol and in 1865 he became Governor-General of the Stavropol province.

During his 10 years in power, he did everything to develop the province and improve the living standards of its residents. On his initiative: The Russia State Bank opened in Stavropol; The province became the centre of agricultural development; Telegraph services connected Stavropol with Tiflis, Moscow, Europe and Asia. He was involved in Judicial reform.

Because of his interest in youth education,he constructed the Stavropol Classical College for men. He also organized horse races to assist Caucasian horse breeders.

In 1873, Georgie Vlastos activity as the Governor-General came slowly to an end. The citizens of Stavropol, grateful for his service and achievements awarded him the title of "Honorable Citizen of the Province. Georgie Vlastos was the only citizen ever in the history of the province to be awarded such a precious title.

Reading Material

There is one or more books with information about his life, in Russian. Reference will be provided when info in English or Greek becomes available