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A Greek-Australian is a Greek living in Australia, it includes those Greeks with Australian citizenship and also permanent residents it does not necessarily include those of Greek descent whereby many generations of such have been absorbed into common Australian culture.

According to the 1996 Census, 260,000 Australians speak Greek at home (almost all are presumed to be Greek-Australians). The actual number of Australians of Greek heritage can be assumed to be higher. states the number of Greeks living in Australia at 336,782 people (from a 1986 ethnic origin census) which was 2.16% of Australia's 1986 population. 39.3% of these 336,782 Greek-Australians were born in Greece with 49.8% born in Australia, 4.8% in Cyprus, 2.5% Egypt and 3.6% other or unknown. The city of Melbourne boasts the majority of Greeks in Australia. It is the 3rd largest Greek city in the world, the largest outside of Greece.

Famous Greek-Australians