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Zoe Carides (born 19 February 1962) is an Greek Australian film and television actress who is best known for her roles in the television series G. P. as Dr. Sonia Kapek and Grass Roots as Liz Murray. Carides was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Carides’s parents are an English mother and a Greek father. She has a daughter named Paris. Her sister is actress Gia Carides. Her brothers-in-law are actor Anthony LaPaglia and former doctor now actor Jonathan LaPaglia (from New York Undercover).

Acting roles

Carides has made cameos in many successful Australian television shows, such as All Saints, Acropolis Now and White Collar Blue.

Carides' first big movie was the 1991 film Death in Brunswick. She also went on to star in Gino, Brilliant Lies, The Kiss and Police Rescue. She also starred in the independent Australian production of Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns. [1]

After turning 40, Carides set two goals: She wanted to have a solo exhibition of her paintings and to record an album of her own music.[1]

In 2005, Carides starred in the Sydney Theatre Company’s stage show Influence. In 2008, she played the part of Pia Jones in the BBC-commissioned Australian soap opera Out of the Blue.

Television roles

  • Lucy (2003)
  • My Husband, My Killer
  • Grass Roots
  • Police Rescue (1994)
  • Heartland
  • G. P. (1989) TV Series

Film roles

  • Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns (Fovou tous Ellines) (2000)
  • Midas (1999) as Narrator
  • Fuckwit (1994)
  • Gino (1994)
  • Shotgun Wedding (1993)
  • Mad Bomber in Love (1992)
  • Seeing Red (1992)
  • Death in Brunswick (1991)
  • Kadaicha (1988)

Other roles

  • "Veronica" music film clip (1989) for Elvis Costello


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